There are a variety of ways students can make-up credits or acceleration for graduation.  Before beginning any outside make-up packet or course, the student should meet with their counselor to ensure that the course will fulfill graduation requirements and to discuss all options.

Most common ways to earn credits outside of normal school hours:

  • Riverton High Online Credit Recovery (For Make-Up Credit Only): We have online credit recovery classes for most of the courses required for graduation.  Online credit recovery costs $35 per .25 credits. These courses are available to students from mid-September until the end of April.  Credit Recovery courses do not carry over into the Summer. Students must see their counselor for a referral before they may begin an online credit recovery course.
  • Valley High Summer School (For Make-Up Credit Only):  Valley Summer School is available for all of the courses required for graduation.  The cost is $45 for registration *plus* $35 for each .25 credit course that is taken.  There is a session that runs in June and another session in July. Classes run for 10 days for an hour for each quarter credit that is being made up.  Attendance is critical! Students will be failed on the second absence. 
  • Northridge Learning Center:   (Can be used for both Original and Make-up Credit) Northridge Learning Center is a private packet company that offers packets that align with the core requirements of the state of Utah and the Jordan School District.  Their packets cost $56.50 for .25 credits
  • Utah Students Connect:  (Make-up credit only during the school year / Can be used for original credit during the Summer) Utah Students Connect is a credit acceleration and credit recovery program that is made up of a consortium of six school districts.  Students must sign up with their counselor in order to take any of the courses being offered. Each quarter credit cost $46.50
  • BYU Independent Study:   (Can be used for Original Credit) BYU Independent Study is a program that offers courses which can be used for make-up credit or for original credit.  These courses all award .5 credits. Classes start at $120 for semester credit and can be as much as $299 dollars.  BYU Independent Study Courses require a proctored test, that can be taken for free on the BYU Campus.