Graduation Requirements

Required Courses for Graduation:


English:        4 credits

Geography:   1 credit

World History:   1 credit

U.S. History:      1 credit

US Government:           .5 credits

Mathematics:        3 credits

Science:        3 credits

Health:         .5 credits

PST (9th grade PE):       .5 credits

Lifetime Fitness:           .5 credits

Elective PE:           .5 credits

Fine Arts:         1.5 credits

Career and Tech. Education: 1 credit

Digital Studies:         .5 credits

Financial Literacy:         .5 credits

General Electives:     8 credits   

Total:        27 credits


If you have questions about your individual graduation status, please contact your counselor.

Please note that many colleges and universities have additional requirements for admission.  Visit the College and Career Readiness page on our website for more information on college preparation. We have also posted a 4 year plan document on this page for your planning purposes.  

Jordan District Course Catalog

Jordan District Credit Guidelines